The Ultimate Collection 3 CD

John Williams & Steven Spielberg


Data aparitiei: 17.03.2017

Gen: soundtrack

Casa de discuri: Sony Music

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Disc 1
The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration
  1. Raiders March -Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. Theme from -Always
  3. Adventures on Earth-E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
  4. Theme-Sugarland Express
  5. Theme-Jaws
  6. Out to Sea / The Shark Cage Fugue-Jaws
  7. Exsultate Justi-Empire of the Sun
  8. Parade of the Slave Children-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  9. Over the Moon-E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
  10. March-1941
  11. Cadillac of the Skies -Empire of the Sun
  12. Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  13. Excerpts-Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Disc 2
Williams on Williams
The Classic Spielberg scores
  1. Flying-E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
  2. Theme-Jurassic Park
  3. Remembrances -Schindler's List
  4. Flight to Neverland -Hook
  5. The Battle Of Hollywood -1941
  6. Smee's Plan-Hook
  7. The Barrel Chase-Jaws
  8. My Friend,The Brachiosaurus -Jurassic Park
  9. Jim's New Life-Empire Of The Sun
  10. The Dialogue-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
  11. The Lost Boys Ballet-Hook
  12. Them-Schindler's List
  13. The Basket Chase Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  14. The Face Of Pan -Hook
  15. The Banquet Scene -Hook
Disc 3
The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part III
  1. The Adventures of Mutt -Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  2. Dry Your Tears, Afrika -Amistad
  3. The BFG-The BFG
  4. With Malice Toward None -Lincoln
  5. The Duel -The Adventures of Tintin
  6. A New Beginning-Minority Report-"
  7. Movement 1: Closing In
  8. Movement 2: Reflections
  9. Movement 3: Joy Ride
  10. Marion's Theme -Raiders of the Lost Ark
  11. Hymn to the Fallen -Saving Private Ryan
  12. Dartmoor, 1912 -War Horse
  13. Viktor's Tale -The Terminal
  14. Prayer for Peace -Munich
  15. Immigration and Building-The Unfinished Journey
  16. With Malice Toward None -Lincoln
DVD Disc: 4
 Steven Spielberg & John Williams: The Adventure Continues
       A documentary film by Laurent Bouzereau

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