Original Album Classics 5 CD

Jennifer Rush


Data aparitiei: 23.03.2018

Gen: pop

Casa de discuri: Sony Music

54.49 LEI

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Jennifer Rush
 1. Madonna's Eyes
 2. 25 Lovers
 3. Come Give Me Your Hand
 4. Nobody Move
 5. Never Gonna Turn Back Again
 6. Ring of Ice
 7. Into My Dreams
 8. I See a Shadow (Not a Fantasy)
 9. Surrender
 10. The Power of Love
 1. Destiny
 2. Live Wire
 3. Silent Killer
 4. Automatic
 5. If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love
 6. Ave Maria (Survivors of a Different Kind)
 7. Testify with My Heart
 8. Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday
 9. The Right Time Has Come Now
 10. Hero of a Fool
Heart over mind
1. I Come Undone
 2. Down to You
 3. Heart over Mind
 4. Search the Sky
 5. Flames of Paradise - Rush, Jennifer, With Elton John
 6. Love of a Stranger
 7. Heart Wars
 8. Stronghold
 9. Sidekick
 10. Call My Name
 1. Love Get Ready
 2. You're My One and Only
 3. Falling in Love
 4. When I Look in Your Eyes
 5. Remind My Heart
 6. Keep All the Fires Burning Bright
 7. Same Heart - Rush, Jennifer with Michael Bolton
 8. My Heart Is Still Young
 9. You Don't Know What You've Got (Until It's Gone)
 10. Rain Coming Down on Me
 11. Now That It's Over
Wings of Desire
 1. Wings of Desire
 2. Pleasure
 3. Midnight Mirage
 4. Angel
 5. Higher Ground
 6. Love Is a Wild Thing
 7. For All That
 8. Love Is the Language (Of the Heart)
 9. Cry
 10. Walk Away
 11. Where Can You Run

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