Original Album Classics  5 CD

Aretha Franklin


Data aparitiei: 25.10.2010

Gen: pop,soul

Casa de discuri: Sony Music

53.97 LEI

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Cod produs: 886977725524


Who's zoomin'who?
  1. Freeway Of Love
  2. Another Night
  3. Sweet Bitter Love
  4. Who's Zoomin' Who?
  5. Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves - Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin
  6. Until You Say You Love Me
  7. Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You
  8. Push - Aretha Franklin with Peter Wolf
  9. Integrity
  1. Come to Me
  2. Can't Turn You Loose
  3. United Together
  4. Take Me With You
  5. Whatever It Is
  6. What A Fool Believes
  7. Together Again
  8. Love Me Forever
  9. School Days
What you see is what you sweat
  1. Everyday People
  2. Ever Changing Times - Aretha Franklin feat. Michael McDonald
  3. What You See Is What You Sweat
  4. Mary Goes Round
  5. I Dreamed A Dream (From Les Mis'erables)
  6. Someone Else's Eyes
  7. Doctor's Orders - Aretha Franklin duet with Luther Vandross
  8. You Can't Take Me For Granted
  9. What Did You Give
  10. Everyday People
A rose is still a rose
  1. A Rose Is Still a Rose
  2. Never Leave You Again
  3. In Case You Forgot
  4. Here We Go Again
  5. Every Lil' Bit Hurts
  6. In The Morning
  7. I'll Dip
  8. How Many Times
  9. Watch My Back
  10. Love Pang
  11. The Woman
So damn happy
  1. The Only Thing Missin'
  2. Wonderful
  3. Holdin' On
  4. No Matter What
  5. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
  6. So Damn Happy
  7. You Are My Joy
  8. Falling Out Of Love
  9. Ain't No Way
  10. Good News
  11. You Are My Joy (Reprise)

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