L. Bernstein: Candide 1 DVD

Jerry Hadley, June Anderson, Della Jones


Data aparitiei: 26.10.2006

Gen: Classical

Casa de discuri: Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

69.99 LEI

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Cod produs: 044007342053

Track list

# Titlu
Disc 1
1 Mahler Trailer (Bernstein)
2 La Traviata Trailer
3 Catalogue Slideshow
4 Westphalia Chorale
5 And it is in Westphalia that our story opens
6 Life is Happiness Indeed
7 All the young people were happy
8 Life is Absolute Perfection
9 But if they were happy
10 The Best of All Possible Worlds
11 Universal Good
12 Class dismissed
13 Oh, Happy We
14 Ach, but Candide underestimates
15 I Must Be So
16 Discovered at dawn asleep
17 Westphalia
18 Battle Music
19 Candide's Lament
20 Entirely alone in the world
21 Dear Boy
22 "The kindly Anabaptist"
23 Auto-da-fé
24 "Pangloss is hanged."
25 Candide Begins His Travels - It Must Be Me (Candide's Second Meditation)
26 Paris Waltz
27 Glitter and be gay
28 "Meanwhile, Candide having arrived in Paris"
29 You Were Dead, You Know
30 "This affecting reunion is interrupted"
31 I Am Easily Assimilated (Old Lady's Tango)
32 "What you might ask, can follow that?"
33 Quartet Finale
34 Credits
35 Universal Good
36 Bernstein Introduction
37 Pangloss: "Our travellers..."
38 My Love (Governor's Serenade)
39 "So... that´s settled"
40 We Are Women (Polka)
41 "Meanwhile, Candide and a faithful half-caste, Cacambo..."
42 The Pilgrims' Procession/Alleluia
43 "Another credulity-stretching coincidence..."
44 Quiet
45 "Up-country again, Candide and Cacambo are lost and starving in the jungle"
46 Introduction to Eldorado (Instrumental)
47 "Candide is welcome"
48 The Ballad of Eldorado
49 "Golden lamb after golden ram"
50 Words, Words, Words (Martin's Laughing Song)
51 "The complicate matters"
52 Bon Voyage
53 "Predictably, the ship sinks"
54 The Kings' Barcarolle
55 "And what do you know, the galley does arrive in Venice"
56 Money, Money, Money
57 "Maximilian, miraculously restored to life"
58 What's the Use
59 "Gentle reader, gentle listener"
60 The Venice Gavotte
61 Nothing More Than This
62 "For many days after Candide did not speak."
63 Universal Good (Life is Neither)
64 "Cunegonde, we are not what we were"
65 Make Our Garden Grow (Finale)
66 End Credits / Candide / Bernstein
67 Afterword. Bernstein "May I bother you"

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