Handel: Semele 1 BluRay

Cecilia Bartoli


Data aparitiei: 07.05.2009

Gen: Classical

Casa de discuri: Decca

109.99 LEI

În stoc furnizor
Produsul se afla in stocul furnizorului nostru, în cantităţi suficiente, şi va putea fi livrat în maxim 5 zile de la plasarea unei comenzi ferme.

Cod produs: 044007433263

Track list

# Titlu
Disc 1
1 Handel: Semele - Opening Titles
2 Overture
3 Behold! auspicious flashes arise
4 Lucky omens bless our rites
5 Daughter, obey
6 Ah me! What refuge now is left me?
7 O Jove! In pity teach me
8 Alas! She yields
9 Why dost thou thus untimely grieve?
10 Avert these omens
11 Again auspicious flashes rise
12 Cease your vows
13 O Athamas! What torture hast thou borne?
14 Turn, hopeless lover, turn thy eyes
15 She weeps! The gentle maid, in tender pity
16 Your tuneful voice my tale would tell
17 Too well I see
18 You've undone me
19 Ah, wretched prince, doom'd to disastrous love!
20 Hail Cadmus!
21 Endless pleasure...
22 Overture
23 Iris, impatient of thy stay
24 There from mortal cares retiring
25 No more - I'll hear no more! / Awake Saturnia..
26 Hence, Iris, hence away
27 Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me?
28 Lay your doubts and fears aside
29 With fond desiring
30 How engaging, how endearing
31 Ah me! why sighs my Semele!
32 I must with speed amuse her
33 Now Love that everlasting boy invites
34 By my command
35 Where'er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade
36 Dear Sister! How was your passage hither?
37 But hark! The Heavenly Sphere turns round
38 Prepare then, ye immortal choir
39 Bless the glad earth with heav'nly lays
40 Overture
41 Somnus, awake
42 Leave me, loathsome light
43 Dull God, canst thou attend the water's fall
44 More sweet is that name
45 My will obey
46 Obey my will, thy rod resign
47 My racking thoughts by no kind slumbers freed
48 Thus shap'd like Ino
49 Myself I shall adore
50 Be wise, as you are beautiful
51 Thus let my thanks be pay'd
52 Rich odours fill the fragrant air
53 Come to my arms, my lovely fair
54 I ever am granting
55 Speak what you desire
56 Ah, take heed what you press!
57 No, no, I'll take no less
58 Ah, whither is she gone, unhappy fair?
59 Above measure is the pleasure,which my revenge supplies
60 Ah me, too late I now repent
61 Oh, terror and astonishment
62 How I was hence remov'd
63 Sinfonia
64 Apollo comes, to relieve your care
65 Happy, happy shall we be
66 Handel: Semele - Closing Credits

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