Original Album Series 5 CD

Dream Theater


Data aparitiei: 22.08.2011

Gen: hard rock, heavy metal

Casa de discuri: Rhino

79.99 LEI

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Cod produs: 081227976309


Images and Words
   Pull Me Under
   Another Day
   Take the Time
   Metropolis - Part I ["The Miracle and the Sleeper"]
   Under a Glass Moon
   Wait for Sleep
   Learning to Live
   Caught in a Web
   Innocence Faded
   The Silent Man
   The Mirror
   Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
   Space-Dye Vest
Falling into infinity
   New Millennium
   You Not Me 
   Peruvian Skies 
   Hollow Years 
   Burning My Soul 
   Hell's Kitchen 
   Lines in the Sand 
   Take Away My Pain 
   Just Let Me Breathe 
 . Anna Lee 
   Trial of Tears - It's Raining / Deep in Heaven / the Wasteland 
  Metropolis pt.2:Scenes from a memory
  Overture 1928 
  Strange Deja Vu 
  Through My Words
  Fatal Tragedy
  Beyond This Life
  Through Her Eyes
  The Dance of Eternity 
  One Last Time 
  The Spirit Carries on
  Finally Free 
Train of thought
  As I Am 
  This Dying Soul 
  Endless Sacrifice
  Honor Thy Father 
  Stream of Consciousness 
  In the Name of God

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