Mozart: Idomeneo 2 DVD

Heather Harper, Peter Pears, English Chamber Orchestra


Data aparitiei: 18.06.2008

Gen: Classical

Casa de discuri: Decca

99.99 LEI

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Cod produs: 044007432587

Track list

# Titlu
Disc 1
1 Mozart: Idomeneo: Introduction
2 Overture
3 When will the gods have pity on me and my misfortune?
4 Bring the Trojan captains before me
5 These are the wretched few remaining Trojans
6 Hear me, my lord
7 Ye gods, save them!!
8 Safe from the storm at last
9 Ah, what do I see?
10 To Neptune sing praises in paens resounding
11 Mozart: Idomeneo: Introduction, Act 2
12 Larghetto (from K.367) - Arbace, now we're alone
13 Come, my gentle Princess
14 Who can explain the meaning of that which so disturbs me?
15 What greater joy than this could e're be granted
16 Prince, we must part now
17 Oh, portent o'erwhelming
Disc 2
1 Mozart: Idomeneo: Introduction, Act 3
2 Gentle zephrs, soft caressing
3 O Princess, forgive me
4 What do I see here?
5 My lord, outside the gates the crowd has gathered
6 Look around here, I pray you, my lord
7 March - Great Neptune, thou whose empire is abounding
8 The hero victorious triumphant returns
9 Idomeneo shall reign no more
10 Here me now
11 God of love, be thou amongst us
12 Mozart: Idomeneo: Closing Credits

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